Our Future

It not simply used to refer to the future development or young scientist. People see the world differently and have different feelings and sentiments depending on their age and level of experiences. Different goals and tasks are set depending on their type of occupation, e.g. medical practitioner, researcher, manufacturer or government officer. Yet, different opinions and hopes can be brought together to broaden the path into the future. The APSR2020 becomes an opportunity for people of different age, position and occupation to discuss opinions, challenges and hopes from their respective viewpoints to explore future visions.

KYE planning for APSR 2020

We intend to ensure APSR2020 is an innovative and beneficial event that will cover issues including the training and development of the next generation of Respirologists. Not only harnessing the vigor present in academia but also in industry, and the dissemination of information from the Asia-Pacific region to the rest of the world.

Emerging Talent Symposia (ETS)

This is a collection of symposiums organized by young respirologists for emerging talents in respirology. They not only provide a venue for presentations by young respirologists, but also allow organizers in the same generation and in similar positions, who share questions, issues and challenges unique to junior specialists, to plan various symposiums that their peers need and would be interested in. The ber for participation is set lower compared to symposiums primarily for senior respirologists. This facilitates more active debates and should help participants engage in energetic discussions for exploring future challenges and goals.

Award for Young Scientist

This program is designed to encourage young researchers. In order to promote participation in the APSR2020, the program plans to offer a multitude of awards including the APSR2020 Travel Award, which is given to the candidate with most outstanding research theme, chosen out of oral and poster presentations, regardless of whether they are by domestic or international researchers.

Symposium; industry, government and academia to discuss on the same platform

Symposia at which experts from industry, government and academia can come together to debate current and future strategies for uncovering mechanisms and providing therapy for various respiratory diseases.

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